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If you want to make money online and work at home, you are sharing the wish of millions of people that are trying to attain financial freedom.


The main benefits of work at home online jobs are:


Flexibility: You can schedule your work around other activities and you aren't bound by an 8:00-17:00 job five days a week.


You are your own boss!


You will benefit 100% from your efforts.


The question is: How do you get there? More precisely: What work at home job will really work for you? What does it take to make money online? How to avoid scams? Where to start?


Like many other web surfers looking for online job opportunities, you are probably confused. To help you answer these questions, we have presented a model here which you can use to understand what's behind the opportunities you encounter on the Web.


Making money online can be considered in three different ways: A hobby, a business  venture or a job.


Let's review every option:


A Hobby: Maybe you don't know it but making money online is millions of people's favorite hobby. In fact, it's more a question of fun than a way to make real money because earnings here are very small. For example, think of those people that are paid to read emails, to surf the web or to play games: They are paid only cents for every email but the idea of making money online without spending a dime makes them ecstatic! If you do it for fun, that's OK. If you are doing it for money, it's a very bad investment of your time. If someone claims you will make plenty of money doing that, it's a scam! You won't make a lot of money reading emails, surfing the web or playing games. If you are serious about making money online, I suggest you leave these micro money making opportunities to teens and to move to more lucrative activities.


An Entrepreneurial Venture: If you have the entrepreneur spirit, you can build a website to sell your own information product or to promote someone else's product that pays you a commission for your efforts. Your earnings can be very high and we know Internet marketers that have made millions doing so. The big issue here is to build a website that sells and to direct a high volume of traffic to your business. To make a long story short, that's a big deal! I don't say that it's impossible but it requires a very big investment of your time and money throughout the years to make it happen! Furthermore, 98% of net entrepreneurs fail and only 2% break through. You can succeed but it's hard. If someone promises that you can become a successful Internet marketer in no time, just know it's a scam.


A Job: If you aren't ready to build a business and aren't doing it just to entertain yourself, you are simply looking for a job. Whatever job you do, you won't become a millionaire doing so but you can make good money working at it part-time or full time. Online paid surveys, focus groups and mystery shopping assignments are ideal jobs you can find on the web. Mystery shoppers and survey takers have a lot of fun but they also make serious money doing so. They just need an Internet connection to get started and to get paid.


Before you go ahead, you need to ask yourself what your real intention is when you think about making money online. Are you doing it first of all for fun? Do you intend on building a business? Are you looking for a job that earns good money but without the risks and efforts involved in building a business?


If you are looking for an online job, we bring you the ideal solution. Paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs are a great way to make money online and they can produce a significant stream of money for people that have decided to work at home. You can do it part-time and earn $500-$1000 per month or work at it full time and make up to $40,000 per year!




Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, student, retired or just decided to earn some extra money online, Maximum Paid Surveys is a professional resource that makes it easy to get paid for your opinions. You can get started in the next 5 minutes.









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