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Anti-Scam Warning


Maximum Paid Surveys, like many other legit sites dealing with surveys and mystery shopping jobs, was victim in the past of an identity theft. To the best of our knowledge the scammer was arrested by the police and this scam is no longer active but we keep this information on our site to prevent anyone to be victim of such scam again.


If you received by post mail a letter and a $2500 check (it may be another sum as well) sent by “Maximum Paid Surveys” for completing a consumer service evaluation at your local MoneyGram or Western Union, be careful: It’s a SCAM!


Maximum Paid Surveys has never sent and will never send any letter or check of this kind to anyone!


If you received such a letter it means that a fraudulent entity has taken over our name to commit an advanced fee scam! Don’t cash this check and don’t transfer any money to anyone!


In this kind of scam letter you are offered a consumer service evaluation job and you receive in advance a $2500 cashier check. You are told to send a $2000 MoneyGram to a person at a specified address (generally out of the US), keeping part of the check for yourself ($400 for you and $100 for the transaction). However, the check is not legitimate and bounces, leaving you without any money to cover the MoneyGram!


Unfortunately, fraudulent entities use business names and addresses of reputable companies like ours in their documents (letter, checks, and ads). Be assured that these practices have nothing to do with our company.


Here are some news articles about this issue (with other companies):


Federal Trade Commission – Counterfeit Check Scams


Consumer Report – Mystery Shopper Scam



At the time of this scam we have contacted the following authorities to take legal action:


  • FBI
  • Federal Trace Commission – Identity Theft
  • Wells Fargo Bank (the illegitimate checks are issued from an account at this bank)



To dismiss any possible doubt, we want to clearly stress the following:


  • Maximum Paid Surveys offers an information package and a directory of legitimate opportunities for people wishing to earn extra money with their opinion.


  • Maximum Paid Surveys isn’t a market research or mystery shopping company. It doesn’t conduct surveys or consumer evaluation jobs of its own.


  • You will never receive any money from Maximum Paid Surveys for jobs you complete. Registered members get paid directly by the legitimate market research companies listed in our database and not by us.


  • Any document pretending to be sent on Maximum Paid Surveys behalf and offering money to complete a consumer service job is fraudulent.


  • The above scam has nothing to do with Maximum Paid Surveys.


Individuals or organizations using illegally our business name (Maximum Paid Surveys) will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.





Maximum Paid Surveys team






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