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The Myths and Facts of Paid Surveys


The rather attractive allure of making money online from the comforts of home is a strong one for the countless people looking to improve their lives and their financial situation. Taking paid surveys is one popular way of using the Internet to earn money. Although you certainly won’t get rich, you can definitely make some extra money for paying bills, finally taking a vacation, or doing some of those home improvements you’ve been putting off because you haven’t had the cash you need.


But because the Internet is burgeoning with new money making opportunities each and every day how is it possible to sort out the myths from the facts while making sure you profit from your efforts?


Common Myths about Paid Surveys Online


The most common myths about taking paid surveys online are usually in regards to one’s earning potential. Too many people approach the process with unrealistic expectations and envision themselves making thousands of dollars a month simply by taking a few surveys a week.


The reality of the situation is that you must join several reputable survey panels or sites in order to receive surveys to complete for cash. This will entail registering with as many legitimate market research companies as possible. If you aren’t sure of your ability to determine which companies are legitimate and which ones are just trying to sell you useless products or get your personal information, use a professional database where the research has already been done for you.


Another common myth associated with paid surveys on the Internet is that there are more scams than there are legitimate opportunities. While there are indeed plenty of unsavory individuals lurking online there are even more honest, reputable companies and research panels who are looking for real people and their equally honest opinions.


Important Facts about Popular Types of Paid Surveys


Consumer opinion and behaviors are very important to companies of all types and sizes as without this vital information it wouldn’t be possible to market to the right groups of people or tailor their products or services to the needs of the customer. Because of this, companies are prepared to pay handsomely for the opinion of the public.


The most popular types of paid surveys online to consider and the most important facts of each include:


Focus Groups: Participation involves giving your opinions along with a small group of other people carefully selected for the same purpose. Discussions can be quite creative and interesting and in addition to learning new ideas and ways of looking at things, participants are rewarded for their time. Focus groups are less frequent but they tend to pay the most of all types of paid surveys either online or offline and their pay averages anywhere from $20 to $250 or more.


Mystery Shopping Surveys: With mystery shopping surveys participants are compensated for the time they spend shopping in stores or eating in nearby restaurants. Afterward, a questionnaire related to your experience must be completed and you are paid an average of $10 to $50. Mystery shopping jobs are great because they pay well and there are plenty of jobs to take.


Paid Online Surveys: From the comforts of your home you can offer your opinion on a myriad of subjects, products, and services via your computer. Paid online surveys can be extremely quick to complete or take up to an hour to finish and compensation may range from as little as one dollar for a short questionnaire to as much as $75 for a very specialized survey. In most cases paid online surveys are in the $1 – $10 range.


Now that you’re armed with the facts about taking paid surveys and what to expect you can decide whether or not you should register with reputable companies to offer your time and opinions. Remember that although you will certainly be able to earn some extra money for your efforts it is unrealistic to expect substantial profits from only using the Internet and its resources for the purpose of completing surveys.











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