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Paid Surveys Crash Course
An insider report on making the most of paid surveys


Part III: Real paid surveys - Get evidence it really works!

Most people are excited to start taking paid surveys but many of them don’t do it because they are skeptical. They don’t really believe that they can get paid just for sharing their honest opinion. They need evidence to believe it:

“Did you say PAID surveys? Show me the money!”

Let’s answer this question.

In my last email, I recommended signing up with three legitimate survey companies. One of them, Greenfield Online, paid $4,000,000 to its members in 2006. Another one, Ipsos iSay, paid $16,000,000 to its panelists. That’s a lot of money!

Today, I recommend you sign up with another legitimate company that has grown to over 1.5 million people across 190 countries. People earn money by participating in online surveys and to date this company has paid over $18,000,000 in cash!

Survey Savvy (International) - Join Now

Sign up before you continue reading this email! Otherwise you will not really understand what I'll show you.

After you register, login to your account and click the “My Earnings” tag and then the “Request Payment” tag. Because you just registered now and haven’t taken any surveys yet, you will see $0. After you take surveys, your balance will increase and you can have this money sent to you.

Now look at this account at Survey Savvy:

my earnings for recent paid surveys

You see a screenshot of the same website, except that this Survey Savvy account belongs to me. I have taken many surveys with this company. At this point, my earnings are $581 and I can decide to redeem the amount whenever I want.

Your account can look the same!

You can also see a paycheck previously sent by this company:

paid surveys check

I hope you also achieve the same results soon with this great market research company and other surveys that are willing to pay for your opinions.

Survey Savvy (International) - Join Now

I will send you more surveys tomorrow.


Sam Parker

P.S.:  Survey Savvy is one out of 760 legitimate market research companies listed at Maximum Paid Surveys. All of them reward survey takers for their opinion.

P.P.S.: Former issues of this report are accessible here:

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Legitimate paid surveys - Don’t make this beginner’s mistake!

Real paid surveys - Get evidence it really works!



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