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How to make money online from home without getting scammed


The far reaches of the Internet have opened many incredible doors of opportunity to make money online that were just simply not possible or even available before the technological age we are fortunate enough to live in today.


Just some of the countless opportunities you will find to make money online from home include affiliate marketing, doing data entry jobs on a freelance basis, completing paid surveys, eBay auctions, reading paid emails, participating in online mystery shopping, and selling digital informational products.


But with so many choices and opportunities available for making money online how is one to know which ones are legitimate and which are merely scams and a complete waste of your time?


Three Types of Internet Opportunities


The three most popular, and profitable, types of opportunities for making money online include:


1. Extra Money Making Opportunities: Most of these easy opportunities require no special skills and are relatively simple to get started with.


  • Because there are no needed skills to acquire and no investments to make, basic opportunities for making some extra cash are ideal for earning pocket money.


  • Completing paid online surveys and mystery shopping evaluations are prime examples of extra money making opportunities online.


  • Very rarely will you be able to rely solely on these opportunities for making a living and you definitely won’t become rich in the process.


2. Freelance Work: Freelance work online is ideal if you have a special set of marketable skills to capitalize on.


  • With freelance jobs you sell your services to clients and decide how much you earn in terms of hours work and your rates.


  • Prime examples of freelancing online include jobs in the graphic arts, computer programming, web design, writing, and work as a virtual assistant.


  • Choose to market your services through your own website or in marketplaces such as or other specialized sites that are dedicated to a specific niche such as article writing.


3. Small Entrepreneurship Ventures: The earning potential is impressive with ventures in small entrepreneurship online and the profits are yours to keep.


  • Ventures in small entrepreneurship involve setting up shop online, selling one or more products or services, and then putting forth effort in terms of marketing in order to be profitable.


  • Internet marketing is a vast field with many avenues to explore including affiliates, auctions, membership sites, and selling digital products or services. Some examples of wares sold online include eBooks, newsletters, memberships to websites, and services or digital products with affiliate programs.


  • While the potential for earnings in small entrepreneurial ventures online is very real it is still not an easy fix as plenty of hard work will be required along with perseverance and the motivation to succeed in the ever expanding, competitive online world of today.


Spotting a Making Money Online Scam


While it’s certainly true that scams abound on the Internet when it comes to honestly trying to make money online, there are, fortunately, some genuine opportunities to take advantage of provided you know where to look. The key is in finding them while taking care to protect yourself and your money from charlatans. On a more encouraging note, scams in freelance work generally occur far less frequently than they do in opportunities to make money online or entrepreneurships.


Most money making scams come in the form of grandiose claims promising huge profits achievable with no effort provided you apply a “secret formula.”


Regarding extra money making opportunities, many scams boast that you can earn your entire living online, working only here and there in your spare time while spending the rest of your days lounging on the beach. In reality, you might be able to make a few hundred dollars a month only by spending hour upon hour in front of your home computer.


Also beware of any entrepreneurial scams that claim exorbitant earnings are possible in a ridiculously short amount of time with no effort on your part also by using the aforementioned and mysterious secret formula.

For example, the sentence, “You will make your first $100,000 in 10 days all by simply using our proven formula” clearly reeks of a scam due to the over exaggerated claim of making a large sum of money in such a short period. You, the buyer, will merely need to spend your hard earned money to learn this secret method for success. Meanwhile, in all actuality, true success in anything we do in life requires time, patience, hard work, and money making knowledge and skills.


In Conclusion


The Internet is undoubtedly an enormous porthole offering a plethora of opportunities for making money online. But, as is the case with just about anything we do in life, to glean real results we must put forth an honest effort and utilize patience.


First decide on the direction you feel would be the most profitable for you, whether it’s dabbling in money making opportunities, freelance work, or exploring ventures in entrepreneurship. Next, always use simple common sense when it comes to weeding out scams. The old rule of thumb that says if it’s too good to be true then it probably is is still valid today and very much applicable if you truly want to make money online. Using a professional database from a reputable source is ideal for distinguishing legitimate opportunities from useless scams.


Unfortunately there is no secret formula or lucky jackpot to strive for but by finding reliable sources of accurate information, educating yourself, and being smart when it comes to seizing the most viable opportunities available you may indeed be able to earn money online.


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Sam Parker is the CEO of Maximum Paid Surveys, a premium database of paid surveys, mystery shopping jobs and home-based opportunities such as affiliate marketing and online auctions. Maximum Paid Surveys brings superior value to registered users by delivering the most professional resource of paid opportunities on the Internet.












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