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Every year companies and institutions spend over 280 Billion dollars on marketing efforts to convince consumers to buy products and services. That's huge!


A significant part of this money is directed to opinion research because the main challenge that corporations face is how to get into the consumers' heads. Thousands of innovative products are released every year but many of them fail in the marketplace. These corporations invest tremendous efforts to develop new successful products but they often miss what consumers really want. For marketers, it's a fatal flaw. Failing to understand consumers leads to marketing disaster!


A famous example of an innovative product that went wrong in the marketplace is ThirstyDog and ThirstyCat, the first bottled waters created especially for dogs and cats. The water was loaded with vitamins and minerals and its carbonated flavors included crispy beef for dogs and tangy fish for cats. This product was promoted through television ads, radio spots, billboards, coupons in newspapers and point of purchase displays. It was distributed through supermarkets and pet stores. The result was a big flop! The product concept was original but it wasn't accepted by consumers. Millions of dollars were invested to develop and promote this product but all this money was spent in vain because the marketer didn't get into the consumer's head. An extensive survey conducted among pets owners could have made a difference and  saved millions of dollars invested in this product.















Marketers have used surveys for years as a way to explore consumer needs. People like you and me are invited to give their opinions on various topics and this information is used to elaborate their marketing strategies.


Because they need to know what consumers want very quickly and because very few people will volunteer this information for free, corporations are willing to pay for our opinions. It makes perfect business sense for them and it's a great opportunity for you and me.


The best surveys pay up to $250 an hour because these companies know this information will give them an edge in the market and they will make more profit for themselves.


It's a simple 3 steps process to make it work for you:


Step 1: Join the Maximum Paid Surveys Network


The most difficult part about getting paid with surveys is finding an extensive list of companies, filtering out all the scams that run on the Internet, keeping only legitimate companies and listing the best opportunities first so money comes faster.


That's a lot of work and we have done all of this for you. We bring you the most professional resource of paid surveys, focus groups and shopping jobs on the Internet. You will find all you need to succeed.


Step 2: Take Paid Surveys, Focus Groups and Secret Shopping Jobs


All these opportunities want the same thing: Your opinion! This is why we bring you not 'paid surveys only' or 'shopping jobs only' (like you can see on other websites) but all of them. It's not fair to pay separate memberships for these opportunities. They should go hand-in-hand and we bring them to you together.


It's also not fair to let you get started without explaining what you should do in detail (that's what happens on many sites). With us you will access these opportunities with the necessary guidance to make it work very well. After you read our step-by-step guides and start joining these companies, you will become an expert in this industry.


Step 3: Get Your Money, Free Products and Prizes


Many companies pay cash but there are also other forms of rewards to motivate people to participate in paid online surveys. You can get free products, gift certificates, be entered in a sweepstake or get "points" that can later be redeemed for money.


The best paid surveys are the ones that pay cash!  This is why we have listed them first in our database.


How much you will get paid depends on the specific survey, focus group or shopping assignment that you have completed. There are companies that pay via PayPal and others that will send you a check by mail. You'll always know the details in advance before you participate.


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