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What Are Paid Focus Groups?


A focus group is a personal interview simultaneously conducted among a small number of individuals ; the interview relies more on group discussion than on a series of directed questions to generate data. It is also called a group in-depth interview.


Unlike the one-way flow of information in a one-on-one interview, paid focus groups generate data through the give and take of group discussion. Listening as people share and compare their different points of view provides a wealth of information — not just about what they think, but why they think the way they do.


When being recruited, potential participants receive a brief description of what the focus group will be about, as well as assurances that their participation is entirely voluntary kept confidential.


With paid focus groups, you will be invited to spend 1-2 hours with a group of 6 to 12 people to discuss a product, service, brand or any other marketing concept. The meeting is typically held in a pleasant environment and refreshments are served. During this group session there is an interplay of thoughts and ideas to get insights on consumer attitudes and perceptions.


There are many benefits to focus groups:


  • A wide range of information can be gathered in a relatively short period of time and the market research company can explore related but unanticipated topics as they are raised in the discussion.


  • Focus groups are very well paid – participants can make up to $250 per session.


  • These discussions are animated and interesting. They can be a lot of fun.


Because they pay the best, we give a high priority to focus groups in our database.


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