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Anti-Spam Policy


Maximum Paid Surveys requires that all partners and affiliates comply with this Anti-Spam Policy.


What is spam?


"Spam" is unsolicited email messages including commercial email, bulk email and junk email sent to individuals who have not given their consent to receive such messages, who have not requested information contained in such messages and who have no prior professional or personal relationship with the sender.


Our Anti-Spam Policy


Maximum Paid Surveys has a zero tolerance policy for spam! We strictly prohibit the sending of unsolicited mass emails of any kind. If a partner or affiliate is reported for "spamming", we will investigate and terminate his affiliate account at Clickbank and in our affiliate program. Additionally we may pursue legal actions against any person violating our anti-spam policy.


Help us fight spam


If you think you received information about Maximum Paid Surveys via spam, please contact us immediately. We will investigate the messages and take appropriate action to make it stop.


You can contact us at: support [[at]] maximumpaidsurveys [[dot]] com


Thank you,


Maximum Paid Surveys Team

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